Progress Update

Although last Tuesday's snowstorm slowed construction progress last week, multiple field crews are completing some key operations this week. Progress on the rehabilitation of DC Water's sanitary sewers will soon be coming to a close. Crews have been able to take advantage of off-peak daytime lane closures on Connecticut Avenue in order to limit the number of nightshifts and disturbances to the public. Click here for the latest schedule of this work. Crews have also begun installation of the bioswale which runs along the north side of the trail. The purpose of the bioswale is to collect and retain  stormwater runoff and remove containments through a matrix of different materials including bioretention soil (comprised of specified percentages of loam, sand, and organic compost), a sand and gravel choker layer, porous stone, and geotextile fabric. Just adjacent to the bioswale, all 52 light poles have been installed within the last 2 weeks. The electrical subcontractor began pulling cable through manholes and into the new light poles this week, as well as installing the LED light-post tops. The type of lighting for the trail was selected due to its dark-sky friendly qualities.