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Mba Graduate Cv Examples. Financial manager is one of the top positions sought by mba graduates. Best 20 mba resume objective examples to quickly apply.

Sample resume of mba student

For example, finance, human resources, sales & marketing, general management, and information technology. However, you probably should include both so you encompass all keyword variations on your resume. A balance of white space and text needs to be maintained to look clean, attractive, and professional.

Sample resume of mba student

Established, maintained, and improved relations with top 30 company clients, adding 20% of annual growth to the company sales portfolio valued at 3 million usd Mba cv—other sections good example. A recent mba graduate who has the required attitude, passion, drive and energy needed to make an immediate and positive difference to any company she works for. Here are two examples of how to quantify the experience on your mba resume: