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Operating Room Nurse Resume Example. For an example of a proper resume format, study our operating room registered nurse resume sample. I would like to offer my self for the post of operating room nurse in organization that will allows me make use of my knowledge and experience in order to provide best of my performance.

Operating Room RN Resume Samples QwikResume

Place patients in prescribed position to assure access to the operative field and adjust the operating room table as necessary for surgeons. Responsible for handing the doctor the right tools during each step in a surgical procedure. While drafting an operating room nurse resume, one must keep in mind that the resume must be effective and should be able to portray a picture that the candidate is the right choice for the job.

Operating Room RN Resume Samples QwikResume

Here’s a list of operating room nurse skills you might want to use as a source of inspiration. Click the button below to make your resume in this design. Operating room nurse resume examples operating room nurses are certified to assist surgeons during operations. Operating room nurses are registered nurses who perform major duties before, during, and after surgeries.