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After Colon Capital Letter Or Not. Bob ran to the nurse; There are four justifications for using a capital letter after a colon:

Do You Capitalize After A Colon Ap Style ubisenss

Instead, you should use a lowercase letter even if it feels like there is a full stop before the following sentence. Capital letters after the colon! In american english, the first word after a colon is sometimes capitalized if.

Do You Capitalize After A Colon Ap Style ubisenss

Names of medications are also capitalized when using a list format whether they are generic or brand name. Another case where it is common to capitalise after a colon is in titles, as in all these many examples where the initial word after the colon is frequently of a type (article, preposition) that would not have been capitalised if it hadn’t been preceded by a colon. Africa is facing a terrifying problem: Usually you don’t come across sentences that include a colon, and then the next part after the colon begins with a capital letter.