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Board Resignation Letter Template. Please accept this as my official non profit board resignation letter and formal two weeks’ notice of intent to resign. Board resignation letters are reviewed by the board of directors so they can be fully aware of the resignation that will take place.

Dos and Don’ts to Pay Attention to When You Write Board

If the board member is asked to resign amongst a disagreement between the employer or board members, the bylaws should be consulted once more on the protections the board member may have. When writing the resignation letter, follow a business format or when you decide to send in an email, use a professional email address and include your contact information in the email signature. A volunteer needs to write a correct resignation letter.

Dos and Don’ts to Pay Attention to When You Write Board

Create a professional resignation with this word template for resignation letter. So goes a popular saying in dutch used to announce one’s departure without having to go into details. This is an example of a board resignation letter. Whether you plan to resign from your current position soon or run an hr department that wants to offer employees a seamless offboarding process, get started with jotform’s free resignation letter templates.