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Cessation Of Employment Letter. Employers will want to write a termination letter when they fire an employee. An employee termination letter is a notice an employer gives to an employee informing them of their termination, either with or without cause.

Termination Letter To Employer Database Letter Templates

Dear name of employee, this letter is formal confirmation of our discussion today about your termination of services for this company. By delivering the letter, the employer gives the employee proper notice. If you decide to terminate the employee’s employment, you need to give the employee written notice of his or her termination.

Termination Letter To Employer Database Letter Templates

We confirm that we have decided not to continue your casual employment beyond [today / insert date]. As used in this agreement, the term “corporation” shall mean nortel networks corporation, its subsidiaries and affiliates, their successors and assigns, and all of their past and present officers, directors, employees and agents (in their individual and representative capacities), in every case, individually and collectively. Please use capital letters and a black or blue pen. The cessation of employment can take place for various reasons.