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Constructive Dismissal Resignation Letter. Your employer’s conduct must be so serious as to be a “repudiatory breach” of your employment contract. Should you be considering resigning, or lodging a letter of grievance to enter the grievance procedure, it is likely due to something that your employer has done (act), or failed to do (omission).

Editable 5+ Constructive Dismissal Resignation Letter

In this post, we have provided some information about constructive dismissal and what should and should not be included in your resignation letter. For a letter of advice to an employee explaining the law in this area, see standard document, advice to an employee on constructive dismissal. It shows that you are not resigning voluntarily, but are considering yourself to be forcibly dismissed because of unreasonable behaviour from your employer.

Editable 5+ Constructive Dismissal Resignation Letter

If you intend to raise a personal grievance for constructive dismissal it is important that your resignation letter leaves a significant complaint. Rather the employer has failed to comply with the contract of employment in a major respect, unilaterally changed the terms of employment or expressed a settled intention to do either thus forcing the employee to quit. Your employee should send you a letter before any legal action takes place. When an employee resigns in amicable circumstances, they might thank the employer and even go as far as to say they have enjoyed working for them.