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Example Of Grievance Letter Against Employer. You can purchase a grievance letter template which is pre written by sam stone. However, i found myself terminated without having obtained any infraction notices whatsoever.

Employee Complaint Letter 14+ Free Word, PDF Documents

As an employer, you've probably had at least one member of your staff come to you to express that they're unhappy with what you're paying them. When unfavorable and adverse situations happen, employees can file formal complaints in the form of grievance letters. I understand that you value your employees and treat them with dignity and respect but this kind of behavior is something that is not appreciated.

Employee Complaint Letter 14+ Free Word, PDF Documents

I am writing this letter to lodge a formal grievance regarding my discharge on date. It is usually written when you believe you were let go for unlawful reasons like whistleblowing or discrimination. Mathews, i am writing to you after much deliberation and pain about an issue i am facing. The letter should be started by telling the employer that you are writing the grievance letter because of being treated unfairly.