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Firefighter Letter Of Recommendation. It takes a special person to become a firefighter. If you know someone who’s taken the necessary measures to become a firefighter, writing a letter of recommendation will help jump start his career.

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The key to getting these jobs is overall experience, ability to perform every firefighter task and possession of the necessary licenses / certification. A letter of recommendation as it applies to the interview process is just one area where the difference is obvious. 5 expert firefighter cover letter writing tips.

Get Our Sample of Fire Department Firefighter Resignation

Firefighters define courage and humility. Instead of addressing your cover letter, “to whom it may concern,” make an effort to find the hiring manager, station chief, or human resource director’s name and address it to them personally: A firefighter recommendation letter can be written by anyone other than a relative but it is often written by another firefighter who recognizes the necessary characteristics in an applicant that are needed to be a successful and effective firefighter such a letter is usually written to the area fire chief. If they relate back for example of recommendation, state tax savings, applications must focus is.