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Flat Agreement Cancellation Letter Format. A has given rs 3 lakh as booking amount for a flat worth rs 1 crore to b. Smith, this letter is to notify you about the cancellation of the agreement between zebus builders and contractors and t& t dealer and supplier for the iron construction material with immediate effect.

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You need to make sure to use formal language in the cancellation letter. The reason why i am doing this is i have been relocated to a different state by my current company. Ask the rentee (s) to return the things rentee (s) has in rent.

Cancellation Of Contract Letter Templates at

This cancellation is due to the late supply of your construction material. The reason you are canceling your contract. Respected sir/madam, my name is __________ (name) and i write this letter in reference to the flat booked in your __________ (apartment/ society/ any other). The format comes in pdf and microsoft word document.