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Form Letter Of Recommendation For Employment. A letter of recommendation, also known as a letter of reference, is a formal letter used to describe the qualities, strengths, and characteristics of another person. A letter of recommend for employee is a letter that can be used for different purposes.

Job Letter Templates 15+ Sample, Examples

[he/she/they] worked with us at [company_name] as a [employee_job_title] and [reported to me/ worked with me] in my position as [insert your job title]. A letter of recommendation for the student is the actual reason for this! A letter of recommendation is a written and signed document providing feedback on the performance, leadership, and work ethic of an individual.

Job Letter Templates 15+ Sample, Examples

Sample letter of recommendation for job are used to help employers decide who to promote or hire. Each paragraph guides you through what content is required and gives suggestions for additional content. Dear [first and last name], it’s my absolute pleasure to recommend [name] for [position] with [company]. It contains information on the person's qualities, attributes, and effectiveness on the job, as well as a strong recommendation for future employment.