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Immigration Friend Letter Sample. If you send your cover letter as an accessory, you could send it as either a pdf file or word file. Affidavit of support sample the name and address of the person providing affidavit of support jane doe.

Immigration Letter For A Friend For Your Needs Letter

In contrast an affidavit or letter in support of a bona fide marriage as part of the immigration process is different and separate from the affidavit of financial support. Helping a friend, family member, or associate draft a convincing good moral character letter immigration can differentiate between a successful citizenship application and an unsuccessful one. Collection of immigration letter of support for a friend template that will completely match your demands.

Immigration Letter For A Friend For Your Needs Letter

Sample reference letter for immigration. It is with great pleasure that i am able to provide this letter on behalf of my good friend and neighbor mustafah who has just applied to immigrate to the united states from jordan. My name is [ name of the sender] and it is a privilege for me. Immigration reference letters often serve as a way for immigration to see if the visitor’s reason for entering the country is valid.