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Is It Capital Letter After Semicolon. Do you use a capital letter after a semicolon? Taken the dog for a walk by the river, attended a dance class with yvonne, and

Rules In Capitalization And Punctuation

The general answer is no. You must use a capital letter too. What follows the colon may or may not be a complete sentence, and it may be a mere list or even a single word.

Rules In Capitalization And Punctuation

Do not capitalize the first word in a list after a semicolon unless the word is a proper noun, e.g., during julie’s vacation, she visited many canadian cities, including st. Capital letters after colons are a classic example. There is no need for a capital letter except for the existing reasons (name, place, etc.). The idea is that the list reads like a single sentence, with semicolons separating each point, a conjunction just before the final entry, and a period at the end.