Job Resignation Withdrawal Letter at Sample Letters

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Job Resignation Withdrawal Letter. Greetings sir, it is requested with due reverence that; • since a request is being made, the letter should be extremely polite and the concerned person should be able to understand the concern of the employee.

Sample Acceptance of Retraction Letter for Resignation

I would like my resignation withdrawal, which was submitted on because of the (insert reason). Dear sir/madam, i [your name], writing this letter to revoke my resignation. Dear hr, i am experiencing great sense of relief as i finally managed to write this letter of withdrawing my resignation dated on.

Sample Acceptance of Retraction Letter for Resignation

Thank you for your consideration. I request you to withdraw my resignation and let me continue my job. Acceptance of withdrawal of resignation letter. With humble request, myself arpita kar, tgt maths with employee id e0000, and teaching the students of class 9th and 10th, would like to let you know that i want to withdraw my resignation, which i had applied for on the 1st of february 2022.