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Letter Confirming Residency From Landlord. Proof of residency by a landlord is a letter agreeing to the face that an individual lives in the landlord’s premises. Rent confirmation letter from landlord (format) this letter is formal confirmation that {tenant’s name} has lived in my rental property {house/apartment name} for {amount of time}.

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I, (name of person verifying residency), of (primary address), hereby state that (your name) is my (tenant/child/relative, etc,.) and resides. I, _____, the landlord of _____ formally acknowledge that he/she resides at the street address of _____, city of _____, state of _____ since _____, 20____ as my tenant. The the tenant to move.

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To whom it may concern. Letter from landlord, verification of residence; Open the letter with a simple salutation like, to whom it may concern, and state that you're writing to verify that the tenants live on your property. As the landlord, the subject of your letter is your tenant’s residency in your rental property.