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Military Spouse Resignation Letter Sample. Resignation letter sample for a spousal relocation this is an example of a resignation letter for when a spouse is relocating. 28 resignation letter templates and examples free.

Military Resignation Letter Example Letter Samples

Here is a military resignation letter sample from an army officer who is requesting that his resignation with honorable discharge be accepted. This helps remind them that you were a dedicated employee that worked hard for them. As soon as you have orders, start thinking about when is the right time to tell your boss.

Military Resignation Letter Example Letter Samples

My wife and i understand the nature of being of military family and i am certain that i will find myself resigning a future position to follow her successful career as a military scientist. Even though it is recommended to handle a hard copy, sometimes it is necessary to submit an email with your decision. Military spouse education & career opportunities | myseco Leer en linea military resignation letter.