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Pre Termination Letter Sample. Also referred to as wrongful dismissal letter, a wrongful termination letter is a document that is written to former employers by those who believe their employment to have been unfairly ended. Jones, this letter is to inform you that your employment as an account executive in the sales department of the manufacturing plant will end as of september 20, 2018.

Termination Letter Template 14+ Free Word, Excel & PDF

In most situations, termination letters are given to workers by employers to terminate their services. This decision is not reversible. Respected sir, it is on my part on behalf of our company to inform you that our contract ________________ (name of contract) _______________ (starting date) has been terminated.

Termination Letter Template 14+ Free Word, Excel & PDF

[list factual reasons for termination]. Additionally, you would require the basic information about the employee for issuing the letter. I request that you return your mobile phone and laptop to your immediate supervisor, and attend an exit interview at 3pm on date at my office. We have reviewed your performance as a probationary employee for the period prior to today.