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Request Letter To Waive Charges To Bank Manager. Respected sir/ madam, my name is _________ (name) and i am a resident of __________ (mention location). Here are the sample request letter formats which you can use.

Sample of waiver request letter

If it has not been accepted then you can choose to write to the bank manager. My account no is 25328292725. I ask that you check into this matter and resolve it as quickly possible.

Sample of waiver request letter

Please accept this as __ (our/my)__ formal request to__ (name of organization)__ asking that you waive the __ ($amount)__ finance charges that have been applied to __ (my/our)__ account during the past __ (length of time)__. The specifics of a letter to the bank manager asking them to waive interest would obviously have to be written in a way that relates to your personal circumstances. Request to waive off interest charges. It could be written to request bank statements, facilitate an overdraft, loan, or report a lost atm card.