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Sample Letter Format For Resignation. Free 9+ resignation letter samples in ms word. If you look at the resignation letter template below, you will see that we have used the formal letter format.

Resignation Sample Letters Template Word Excel Templates

My last day at [name of company] will be [date]. Resignation letters are a type of formal communication, so it is best to begin with your contact information, the date and your employer’s contact details. While the best way to quit a job is to give at least two week’s notice and offer to help with the transition, sometimes circumstances make.

Resignation Sample Letters Template Word Excel Templates

Submitting proper resignation letter at the right time can further make it easy for you to ask for the reference or acknowledgment letter. Don’t stress about how to start your resignation letter. I understand my contract expires by march 24, but i would like to resign immediately for an urgent personal reason. As per our contract, i will be pleased to continue working during my notice period that ends on march 15.