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Sample Letter To Break Apartment Lease. The date when you wrote the letter. The reason is due to my dwindling health that is becoming worse with the location of your property.

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This letter is to officially inform you that i am required to break my lease before the agreed termination time in the agreement we had. Make a copy of the lease termination letter, and don't move out without sending it to the landlord first. The same template can be used by the tenant to advise the landlord that the tenant will be terminating the lease.

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The address of the property you’re leaving; Before you begin writing a lease termination letter or notice, thoroughly read your lease agreement. The following is a lease termination letter sent from the landlord to the tenant in situations where the landlord is terminating a lease. For instance, you may need to break the lease because you lost your job, went through a divorce, or need to care for a sick family member.