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Serious Misconduct Termination Letter. If your organisation would like to prevent serious misconduct occurring or safeguard against a summary dismissal being mishandled, please get in touch with the experienced team at pcs. Examples include theft, dishonesty, disorderly or.

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Termination due to misconduct is a serious disciplinary action that should be carefully considered. After the employee has responded to the alleged misconduct in writing, write a letter or email to the employee confirming the facts of the alleged misconduct and also confirming their explanation. Other names for termination letter (serious misconduct) include:

Page 17 story of "The Standard" of 09/02/2006, on massive

Employers are well within their rights to terminate employment without providing notice where serious misconduct occurs. A serious issue has been reported about your misconduct and the management felt the need of this warning letter to be issued against you. Hence, the circumstances of the case will determine the proper penalty to be imposed. Below is a sample template letter for summary dismissal for gross misconduct: