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Sophas Letter Of Recommendation. You will have to pay the sophas application fee. Applicants are required to submit three letters of recommendation to sophas.

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You don’t need to copy your personal statement in the recommendation letter, but the letter should reflect your goals/academic interests. Your waiver decision serves the same purpose as a legal signature and is binding. For the sophas application, you will have to fully complete all sections in the application, which include all of your letters of recommendation, official gre scores, official transcripts, statement of purpose, personal history statement, and “additional questions” at the end of the application.

30 Letter Of for Citizenship

A recommendation letter is a brief recount of your experience or acquaintance with someone, usually a former student or employee, where you praise their performance or personality. Written essays, completed likert scale assessments, and upload letters are all possible assessments. A minimum of two letters (master's program applicants), three letters (doctoral program applicants) of recommendation of a professional or academic nature. This is my second time applying with sophas so feel free to message me if you have any other questions.