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Termination Of Apprenticeship Letter. What is a termination letter? (a) in consideration of the covenants by the apprenticeship trainee hereafter contained, the employer agrees to take up the apprenticeship trainee as his apprenticeship trainee for the term of.

Labace Dismissal Letter Sample Employer

(2) either party to a contract of apprenticeship may make an application to the apprenticeship adviser for the termination of the contract, and when such application is made, shall send by post a copy thereof to the other. End your letter by expressing your keen interest on joining the apprenticeship program. The law specifies the minimum notice required to terminate employment, also known as the statutory notice period.

Labace Dismissal Letter Sample Employer

This case is a reminder of the risks of terminating apprentices, and the importance of always following a fair redundancy process. The name of the manager; This means that you are an employee like everyone else and entitled. What is a termination letter?